Fact: How WhatsApp is helping real estate market to grow faster?

The advent of e-commerce has changed the course of business dealings for every industry. Consumer-Business relations have been shortened to only a few clicks on whatsapp.

Every day we hear of new technologies that aid in making business simpler and shortened. However, when it comes to the Real Estate Pakistan, the business dealings aren’t that simple.

There is huge amount of money involved in the business dealings and investors are very cautious; which is why the industry is more of a consultancy and involving industry.


Investors have plenty of questions about the property and the surrounding infrastructure like schools, markets and mosques around in the area.

Every work day of brokers, agents or property consultant involves a lot of phone calls, emails, messages and face-to-face meetings.

If they aren’t able to answer those questions to all the clients, it is possible that they will lose the client to their competitors. Hence it is very important for all parties involved to be on top of all the happenings.


The use of messaging app, especially WhatsApp has become a very common tool for real estate agents and consultants especially in Pakistan The best thing about this app that it is free, allowing interaction with international clients free of cost.

The app has recently launched a business variant which also comes with automated reply feature called The WhatsApp ChatBot.

It has multiple built in templates for different industries, including real-estate. Needless to say, WhatsApp is aiding the real estate consultants in signing deal and growth. Let’s take a look how WhatsApp has changed and perhaps, also sped up the real estate industry.

Daily conversations with your potential customers:

WhatsApp has made it very easy for the agents to respond to most, if not all, client queries. They don’t have to present the office near the work landline to be able to do that.

Furthermore, clients always have your availability to answer their questions and the agent has the liberty to send them relevant information to persuade the client.

Liberty to send pictures, location links via WhatsApp:

Agents can virtually send pictures, plans, maps and much more via WhatsApp. Clients don’t have to make an appointment with their broker or the agent to discuss the future developments of the area.

This saves a lot of time as agents are able to secure more deals and save time as they can answer queries of multiple potential clients.

Document Submission on WhatsApp:

Real-Estate business dealings require submission of many supporting documents such as copies of CNIC, bank statements, invoices and receipts.

Client comfort plays a key role in securing deals and document submission is often a hassle that most clients want to avoid.

With WhatsApp, though, Clients are able to send scanned copies of all supporting documents and not worry about handing them over via post.

WhatsApp ChatBot for Real Estate:

WhatsApp ChatBot is the latest feature of WhatsApp Business that allows users to send code-free automated replies to clients or customers.

This feature is, without a doubt, a game changer. It saves time and aids in scheduling and organizing daily business dealings. Not only that, but it is also a great tool to collect leads for future telephone marketing.

Payment Reminders:

In the past, agencies had to send letters, emails and make phone calls to remind the customer of payment deadlines.

It was indeed a time taking task and agents often suffered from loss of revenue. With WhatsApp, however, agencies can send monthly payment reminders by simply scheduling them via real estate template on WhatsApp Business platform.

24/7 Availability:

Automated responses don’t need sleep or days off! Once the user programs and schedules response using the built-in templates, customer queries are answered at any time or day, without a delay.

This helps agents to secure leads as the zero response wait keeps the client engaged and interested.


Real Estate Industry requires a lot of communication between the agent and the clients. Chains of emails, phone calls and in person meetings are often time a hassle that slows down the process.

WhatsApp Business and especially the ChatBot feature for real-estate has opened doors to a simpler and such organized business set-up that brings in more clientele and reduces work.

Also, the clients on the other end are often more comfortable to communicate on WhatsApp than email as they are familiar with WhatsApp interface.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has changed and perhaps even sped up the real estate business more than any other industry.