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Pakistan's first property verification center

Inauguration of Pakistan’s first property verification center in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Administration has set up a property verification center in the federal capital Islamabad to curb illegal real estate transactions.

People can check the legitimacy of this property verification center before investing in real estate projects.

It is pertinent to mention here that in the real estate sector on a daily basis Rs. 4 to 5 billion is caught in the whirlpool of uncertified and illegal real estate projects.

Addressing a media conference after the inauguration of PVC, DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqat said that there are many schemes which claim that they are located in Islamabad but they are not there. He said that fraud is also committed by many approved societies.

He said that the first property verification center has been set up in Pakistan and any person who wants to buy a plot in any housing society can check his information from here.

CDA has allocated Rs 72 billion for the renovation of the centers

capital development authority Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allocated Rs 72 billion for better facilities in all the centers of Islamabad.

The restoration process includes widening of sidewalks, establishment of parking areas, street lights, sewerage, road carpeting, lane marking and other works.

According to the details, Rs 4.90 million has been allocated for rehabilitation of F-6, F-8, I-8, I-Nine and I-Ten centers alone.

Some feature of a successful real estate investor

Some Features of a Successful Real Estate Investor

It is said that man is a combination of his habits and manners. If you want to be successful, follow the habits of successful people. Success will follow in your footsteps. If somewhere in life you feel that your dreams are not on the path to reality then look at your habits, you must be missing something.

Read today’s self-help books or listen to seminars by experts in mind sciences, you will know that the whole game is about habits and manners. Real estate is also a wonderful world. Apparently wrapped in a chorus, this world has its own secrets and needs. Real estate is the only sector in the world where people give themselves economic growth twice a day and four times a night. The secret lies in the fact that the world’s population is growing and the demands of the modern way of life are changing. When it comes to habits, success in this sector also revolves around a few habits.

This list of habits may change a bit as it depends on the category in which you are working in this sector. That is, whether you are an investor, a realtor, a broker, an agent or a developer, because everyone has their own characteristics for success, but here we will talk about which ones

Believe in homework

This is the most basic and key attribute. Doing your homework before stepping into any place means preparing yourself mentally for that stage.

The point is, since real estate is a game of capital, don’t let it get you down. The best way to do your homework is to talk to experts and spend time learning from specific people in the domain you are in.

Whatever position you are working in real estate, each position has its own mysteries and secrets which are known only to those who have invested time and energy in this sector.

The process of learning from experts and the process of increasing one’s understanding is called homework, which in no case does any harm but is a source of benefit.

Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of their lives. They go to the ground and participate in the decision-making process only after seeing the ground realities. Their decision does not depend on what anyone says, it is the result of their own feelings.

Commitment to expand the investment portfolio

Take a look at the portfolio of any successful real estate investor, you will not find satisfaction in a single investment there, but you will see that there are many types of real estate investing and large investors investing in different types. Are
Successful investment is related to the transfer of capital to different places and markets. A big investor is never satisfied with a few buds while treating ailments in New City Phase 2 Wah Cantt. This means that one never stops after one or two successful investments but keeps looking for different opportunities.

The habit of looking for opportunities in dangers

Granted, real estate is a challenging area. It also demands talent and education. It also requires networking and patience. Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of risk management and assessment.

This means that they know what the dangers are, what the potential is for those challenges, and when the small plants they plant with their hands can become a fertile tree. They know their market and their value in the market. Their hand is like the pulse of the market.

That is, wherever something happens, they know it first. Talk to them about mortgage rates, from the unemployment rate to the real estate sector transformation, talk to them about the economic potential of a particular area or the future scenario, they know everything. And will understand.

Reading habits, understanding of the law

It is often the case that newcomers to the sector do not pay much attention to legal matters. They feel as if someone told them something about a land, as if it were God.

Such people generally do not know what is legal and what is illegal in real estate. What is the significance of NOC i.e. No Objection Certificate, which institution is in charge of land regulation, which documents need to be checked before spending any amount and how much detail needs to be covered.

What is the formula for ownership, approval, demand and delivery and how to complete the checking process of this formula, these are some of the basic questions that need to be understood. While there is a lot of talk about habits for success in this sector, one of the habits is to constantly focus on increasing your understanding and comprehension.

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Why is it important for young people to invest in real estate

Why is it important for young people to invest in real estate?

It is said that adolescence is the stage in which a person can determine the pattern of his life. In today’s world where resources are scarce and problems are on the rise, time is of the essence in understanding and transitioning through the ups and downs of life.

In such a situation, it is important to make the process of protecting oneself financially very fast and also to minimize the risk factor in life.

Investing in the real estate sector is considered to be useful for advancing oneself financially in a short period of time. As the population grows and the demands of life change in modern times, there are few avenues where one can safely multiply one’s capital in less time. The real estate sector, however, is key.

The changing demands of modern times

Today’s blog is about how investing in the real estate sector can be a great option in adolescence, where one explores many of the paths that are attractive but risky for rapid growth.

According to the famous American magazine Fortune Builders, investing in land, if done correctly, is beneficial for human beings in all circumstances. Because the demands of modern life are so complex, everyone wants a safe roof over their head.

In this case, the best location and ideal property type are more important. Thus property prices are rising over time

A simple formula for safe investing in real estate

A few lines ago we talked about the right way to invest in real estate. Now the question arises, what is the right way? The correct way is to look at property ownership first.

Focus on whether the property is completely clear in terms of ownership. It should then be checked whether all the legal requirements have been met or not, because without the approval of the relevant development agencies, your investment could be stuck in a capital trap circle which is difficult to get out of if action is taken.

It is important to note here that half of the investment made in the real estate sector in Pakistan is trapped in a capital trap which is of no use. Another important factor is that the place where the investment is to be made should be in demand.

If the location of the property is ideal to be in demand and there is clearance from legal entities then this requirement is also fulfilled.

Another important factor is the delivery of the respective owner, how many projects this person has delivered in the past and what is the reputation of that person in the market.

The benefits of early real estate investment

According to Fortune Builders, if you start investing from a young age, it becomes your “life long vision”. Young people have more options and flexibility than adults to create investment strategies and risk factors.

Research shows that those who invest in real estate at a young age have a strong foundation for a profitable career.

In such cases, the person has less responsibilities and has the ability to make alternative investments which helps in wealth circulation.

Experts say that young people should study various investment strategies, markets and property types before real estate investment so that their exposure can be improved.


In such a situation, the youth face many challenges. Turning a hobby into a business brings with it many difficulties and road blocks. In this case, it is important to look at your investment from a business perspective and meet all the requirements. Just like many other projects City Business Icons has launched two major commercial project in wah cantt which is very suitable for young investors.

With adorable structure design, City Business Icon 2 and City Business Icon 1 has become one of most astonishing investment opportunity for investors and business owners. Because of remarkable design and topnotch construction approach CBI 2 is considered as hub for national and international brands.

Most young people get family support early in their careers but most young people have to do it on their own. In such cases, some people who are able to save some money at the beginning of their career are left in a dilemma whether to take a step towards the real estate sector or not.

Those who take this risk with their full precautions can lead a lucrative career, according to the above research by Fortune Builders.

flamethrower colors in modern architectural kitchens

The importance of flamethrower colors in modern architectural kitchens

The kitchen is a constantly used part of any home where everyone comes and goes from morning till night. However, its decoration is often overlooked. If you have been neglecting your kitchen renovation for some time now, now is the time to focus on your kitchen and make it an ideal part of your home. The best way to decorate a kitchen is to fill it with colors that not only look good on the eyes but also add to the freshness of the home.

Kitchen Décor Ideas

Choosing colors for kitchen walls

Choose bold colors and decorate the kitchen walls with these colors. Make sure you don’t spend more than just a couple of cans of paint on the kitchen walls. Most people prefer to use only one color in the kitchen but if you have such thoughts then we suggest that this time you choose more than one vibrant dark color and using your best creativity. Rejuvenate the kitchen

Scattered colors on the cabinets in the kitchen

Scattered colors on the cabinets in the kitchen

After walls, turn your attention to kitchen cabinets as they are one of the most important necessities of your kitchen. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use in your kitchen. When it comes to kitchen cabinets and cabinets, most people prefer a combination of basic colors, such as white or plain wood. However, if your kitchen gallery or window opens into greenery and greenery, you can lighten the kitchen cabinets and if your house is near the beach and your kitchen gallery or window opens towards the sea, you can lighten the cabinets. You can bring the natural environment outside in your kitchen by painting it blue. Also, dark blue is not usually given much importance, but it can be a great choice for kitchen cabinets.

A unique color can be used to make the atmosphere pleasant

If you want to give a single theme to the choice of colors in your kitchen, then adopt the monochrome theme. Bring a full range of shades to your kitchen by choosing the color you like best. Instead of overdoing the colors, immerse yourself in these colors, such as sky blue for the floor, dark blue for the stool, and gray blue for the cabinets, if you choose blue.

The choice of elegant design for the kitchen floor

elegant design for the kitchen floor

Two different colors of tiles or marble can be chosen for the kitchen floor. You have often noticed that the choice of white and black tiles has the potential to create a stunning elegance in the kitchen. You can also choose brightly patterned tiles or wall art for the counter top and back wall.

Orchid decoration with unique and historical heritage items

If we look at antiquities, their attractiveness compels us to be attracted to them, and it would not be wrong to say that antiques have their own unique color. If you want to bring antique color to your kitchen then bring a lot of antiques in your kitchen. You will find that your kitchen has become very interesting and colorful. And if you ever come across an appreciation of historical objects in your kitchen, you may find an interesting topic to talk about.

Decorating kitchen utensils at reasonable prices

Of course, not everyone can afford to have a complete makeover of their kitchen these days or if you live in a rented apartment or house you would think that you are investing in someone else’s house. Why apply It is possible that you want to experiment with colors but you are not so sure about bold colors. You can consider low cost upgrades to avoid such a hesitant situation and limited budget issues. For example, instead of changing cabinets, just change their handles, you will not believe that the results can be so great.

Plans to expand the industrial zone in the federal capital. Asad Omar

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Omar has said that expansion of industrial zone in the federal capital Islamabad is a matter of urgency.

A delegation of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ICCI) led by President Muhammad Shakeel Munir called on the Federal Minister.

The ICICI representatives briefed the Federal Minister on their views regarding the establishment of a new Islamabad Industrial Zone and discussed in detail the key features of the project.

The Federal Minister said that the existing industrial areas in Islamabad have run out of land, and further expansion is needed to generate economic activities, jobs and revenue and potentially acquire valuable foreign reserves.

He said that this project would be a source of employment not only for Islamabad but also for the citizens of adjoining areas of Islamabad and also for industrialization.


Excavation Process Started

By the grace of Almighty Allah, After the successful construction of CBI 1 & CBI 3, Excavation Process of CBI 2 has been started today. With adorable structure design, CBI 2 has become one of most astonishing investment opportunity for investors and business owners. Because of remarkable design and topnotch construction approach CBI 2 is considered as hub for national and international brands.



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